How To Get Bigger Biceps

Bigger bicep is almost dream of everyone who wants to look more aesthetic.

The big chest muscle, bigger biceps, bigger triceps, and six-Abs are most people want.

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The biceps exercises are necessary for building the impressive and bigger biceps.

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I have collected some of the expert tips that definitely work for maximizing the bicep size.

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What Are The Biceps?

Biceps are defined as the bulging muscles that are located on the front of the upper arm.

Do the variety of exercises and incorporate the different strategies of biceps exercises to support the muscle.

You need to incorporate the group exercises and change the lifestyle habits.

How To Build Bigger Biceps?

There are some crucial rules that you should follow to achieve the goals.

Moreover, you must have to understand some specific pointers or rules.

Rule No 1:

The Difference:

First of all, you need to understand the difference.

There is a difference between the entire workouts and workout for a specific part of the body.

The whole workouts are working with your major muscle, which is good for the beginners.

But, if you are more experienced so, you have to split the workout routines.

Some moves are particularly designed for bicep bulking.

Rule No 2:

Select Accurate Sets And Reps:

According to the study, there are two groups performed the workouts one did the four sets and 10-12 reps with the 60 minutes of resting time period.

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While, another group did the same exercise, but the sets are 3 and 5 with the 3 minutes of resting time period.

The results are amazing that heavy curls and extensions can increase the upper mass arms around 5.2 percent, whereas 2.2 percent are observed in the traditional rep range.

Rule No 3: 


The best workout can increase the protein synthesis around 48 hours. You can design each day by hitting the different group of muscles.

There are more important of squats, and deadlifts to bigger the muscle.

If you are selecting curls and extensions so, trying to do heavier for a few weeks because it can give you better results.

Rule No 4:

Take Rest:

Despite heavier, the amount of reps or sets, and variations, rest is also mattered because the group who have rested for 90 seconds during each set got the impressive results as bigger gain whereas the group who took less time period of rest get less impressive results.

Rule No 5:

Track Progress:

Track and determine the progress by measuring the biceps size in every two weeks.

If your results are slow, so, check your diet and training routine.

Exercises For Bigger Biceps:

There are many ways to build up the biceps through exercises, some of them are mentioned as below:

  • Military Press:

Get down, placed hands to the width of shoulders and elbow should place closer to your body.

Lower your torso while elbow remains come closer to the body, then slowly extending your arms.

  • Dumbbell Bicep Curls:

Hold two dumbbells starting from the thigh and palms are just like facing outwards.

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Lift both of the dumbbells at the same time with the help of dumbbells until they are reaching to the shoulder height than back and repeat the steps.

  • Dips:

As my personal experience dips are actually the most enjoyable exercise, the rest of the others.

First of all, hold the bars of dip station through your palms that are facing inward position.

Slowly move your elbows at right angles.

Slowly drive yourself up and then low and then repeat.

  • Diamond Push Up:

In this Push-Up, you don’t need any equipment.

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Get in the press up position, place your hands in the position where your index fingers and thumbs make a position of the diamond.

When you lower the chest or touches the floor so, make sure your back remains in the straight position.

These are only four exercises, but there are a lot of exercises that can help you to build up the bigger biceps such as:

  • Chin-Up
  • Ez-Bar Curls
  • One-Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curl
  • Incline Dumbbell Curl
  • Dumbbell Concentration Curl
  • Close-Grip Chin-Up
  • Seated Zottman Curl

You can also pick the exercise from the above list according to your comfort.

High-Frequency Training For Arm:

Here is a sample of high-frequency arm training routine.

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Day Exercise Sets Reps
Monday Barbell Curl 5 5
  Skull Crusher 4 7
Wednesday Incline Dumbbell Curl 4 8-12
  Unilateral Overhead Dumbbell Extension 4 8-12
Friday Preacher Curl 2 12-15
  V-Bar Pushdown 3 12-15
The Common Mistakes You Should Avoid To Get Bigger Biceps:

The common mistakes that you should avoid during the training.

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  • Over-Training:

The small muscles in your arms can easily hit by holding the bar and bending your arms.

You can not hit your arms continuously.

  • Focus On Just Specific Muscle:

Focus on only biceps muscle can give you the appearance out of proportion, your arms, looking too big as compared to the other parts of the body

  • Not Getting Enough Nutrition:

If you are not getting enough nutrition, so it becomes hard for you to get bigger biceps.

  • For Beginners:

The beginners should do the compound weight exercises like squat and deadlift to get bigger arms but without isolation exercise.


It is great to do exercises but also regulate the diet.

Go for the diet which is rich in the fat content and protein.

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The diet works as a fuel for you to bulking.

Don’t make any mistakes in the selection of foods because it is necessary to intake the vitamins.

You must focus on the deadlifts and squats to build up the bigger biceps.

These exercises are much better than others because they work with several different muscles.

Let us update that is this blog (how to get bigger biceps) is beneficial for you? By giving your views on the below comment sections.